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Tim Doud of Diamond Creek Mules, Cody, Wyoming is a John and Josh Lyons
Certified Trainer, and has recently joined the staff of writers for Mules and More. Below we have attached his recent articles for your viewing pleasure.

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June 2013: I Just Don’t Have Time

May 2013: Speed-Up Cue

April 2013: Cinchy Mules

March 2013: Hobble Training

February 2013: Balking Mules

January 2013: Should I Send My Mule To A Trainer?

December 2012: Use Serpentines to Help you Train your Mule

November 2012: Head Down Cue

October 2012: Active and Reactive Riders

September 2012: Gaining Confidence

August 2012: Teaching Your Mule To Pony Another Equine

July 2012: Teaching The Foal To Lead

June 2012: Rope Work

May 2012: Reverse Arch Circles

April 2012: Riding Your Mule Alone

March 2012: Calming The Head Shy Mule

February 2012: Lessons For The Mule Foal

January 2012: Teaching A Mule To Pick-Up A Lead

December 2011: Hands Free Trailer Loading

November 2011: Connecting the Rein to the Hip

October 2011: Shoulder Control

September 2011: Can My Mule Be Fixed

August 2011: Bits The Mystery Solved

July 2011: Training Your Mule To Accept Dogs

June 2011: 20 Steps to Round-Penning Your Mule

May 2011: Training From The Ground Up

April 2011: Lessons for the Trail Riding Mule

March 2011: Buying a Mule the Right Way

February 2011: Imprint Training

January 2011:Raise Your Expectations

December 2010: Running Off At The Gate

November 2010: Kicking Mules

 October 2010: Teaching Mules To Stand When Mounting

September 2010: Setting Goals in Training

August 2010: Crossing Water

July 2010: Buddy Sour Mules

June 2010: Fixing a Hard to Catch Mule

May 2010: Trailer Loading Problems

April 2010: Starting a Mule Under Saddle

March 2010: Ground Driving

February 2010: Diamond Creek Major

February 2010: Choosing the Right Jack

January 2010: New Year's Resolutions

December 2009: Applying the "Replacement Concept"

November 2009: Teaching the "Come To You" Cue

October 2009: Picking up a Mule's Hind Feet

September 2009: Teaching Better Stops

August 2009: Trailer Loading

July 2009: Go Forward Cue

June 2009: Spook In Place

May 2009: Training a Mule

April 2009: Training is a Long Term Commitment

March 2009: Lightness

February 2009: My Mule is Better Than Your Mule

January 2009: Problem Solving

December 2008: Tim Doud Join's Mules and More

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