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Tim Doud offers clinics for all levels of riders. Tim specializes in Trail Riding, Horsemanship and Western disciplines clinics. Please see clinic options below.

Clinics are intended to help participants create a positive relationship with their equine and learn new exercises to problem solve and progress with their mules. Clinics are not meant to solve a problem in 3 or 5 days, but again to help the rider communicate more effectively and be well on the way to being able to solve the problem at home.

Tim will work both one-on-one with clinic participants as well as give specific group exercises. All clinics will be taylored to the level of the participants. Content will depend on the type of clinic being given. Tim is willing to work with any level rider.

In all clinics, participants will learn “Give to the Bit”, how to keep their mule focused and learn how to communicate consistently and safely. Overall, participants gain an improved understanding of their mule and will be able to use what they’ve learned on a continuing basis.

Clinic Options

2-Day, 3-Day and 5-Day Clinics

Each clinic listed below is offered in a 2-Day, 3 Day or 5-Day format. 2-Day Clinics will be held Saturday and Sunday. 3 Day Clinics will be held Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. 5-Day Clinics will be held Monday thru Friday. Clinics will begin at 9AM and conclude at 4:30PM. A one-hour break will be held each clinic day from 12noon to 1PM.

2-Day Clinic cost - $400

3-Day Clinic cost - $500

5-Day Clinic cost - $800

Cost is per participant. One mule per participant. The clinics Tim offers will differ slightly based on the needs of the participants and their experience level.

Daily Private Instruction

Daily private training is available at $500.00 per day. Tim will work with you and your mule for 5 hours each day - 9 AM to 11:30 am and 1 PM to 3:30 PM. Tim will cover topics for your choice and will introduce exercises that will help you achieve your goals. You choose the number of days to train with Tim.

One probelm mule owners have, is not knowing what to do with their mule. Tim teaches you to teach your mule, so we will able to train your own mule.Private lessons are held at Tim's ranch in Cody, WY, your ranch or place of choice.

The Daily Private Instruction is Tim's Most Popular Training Program.

Phone Consultations

Tim's extensive knowledge and training experience with mules and donkeys is now available through a Phone Consultation Mule and donkey owners mavhave questions about training or training problems that can be easily resolved by Tim with a Phone Consultation.

You can purchase 30 mins or more of one-on-one phone time with Tim. The process is easy.

Step #1. Send Tim an email with your training question or problem.

Step #2. Purchase Phone Consultation time beloW.

Step #3. you will be contacted by email to set up a time for your oneon- one Phone Consultation with Tim.

Sometimes Tim will reference one of his training articles on this web site. If you have internet access during the Phone Consultation, it is helpful but not required. Phone consultations are $40.00 for a 30 minute consultation or $75.00 for an one hour consultation.

Clinic Programs

Wilderness Trail Clinic/Pack Trip

This trip is our most popular clinic.You will pack-into a wildereness camp 22 miles from the road riding experienced trail mules provided by Tim. During this trip you will stay at Tim's Bliss Creek Outfitters base camp and spend 3-5 days with Tim riding the backcountry trails. During this trip, Tim will give you training tips and answer any training questions you have. This is a great opporunity to spend 3-5 days learning how to give your mule at home the necessary confidence to travel trails safely. You will learn exercises for young and experienced mules. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and learn ways to help your mule overcome fears and face spooky objects. If desired, you will also learn how to safely pack your mule for longer excursions.

Trips are available for both individuals and groups of 2 to 6. Everyone gathers around the camp fire in the evening with Tim where he answers all you training questions. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included.

The camp is equiped with a heated shower, log beds with mattresses, wood stoves and propane lanterns. Come ride with Tim and explore the Wyoming back country. During these trips, for the safety of you and your party, you will ride Bliss Creek Outfitters' mules.

Trail-Mule Clinics

Teaching the mule and rider to stay relaxed and maintain focus in a trail situation. Learning hip and shoulder control, learning to face spooky objects and work through your mule's fear. Crossing water, crossing bridges and other “spooky” objects. Learning speed control to ease a jigging or buddy sour mule. Weather and facility pending, participants will also have the opportunity to take a 1/2 day trail ride with Tim to practice the exercises they have learned during the clinic.

It is a great opportunity to use what you've learned on the trail and have Tim help you in a real "trail" situation.



Mulemanship Clinics for Men and Women

Focus on giving each mule/rider pair the foundation to have a positive relationship. Learn how to better communicate with your mule by breaking down your training into small steps your mule will fully understand. We will cover, hip and shoulder control, Giving to the Bit, gaining the tools to keep your mule focused in any environment, learning when to “raise your expectations” of your mule. The Calm-down Cue. This clinic will also be tailored to each individual participant. The advancement of the clinic depends on the level of riders participating. Tim will also spend one afternoon of the clinic answering questions about concerns participants may have while training their mule.







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